Twigger on intensive learning

Favored (by the gods) author Robert Twigger has a good post up on learning and the school/university system:
Intensive well designed courses are the way forward for real learning- of anything- especially if supplemented with less intense encounters with mentor figures. If you have met several real life authors, writing a book seems a normal thing to do, even an easy thing. When Hoagy Carmichael, then an amateur pianist, saw Irving Berlin fumble while playing a song he was surprised that he could do just as well- and so he was inspired to become a professional.
I have to agree completely. Nursing school is a lot more intensive and focused than other undergraduate programs, but it is still not as effective as intensive exposure. I still think I could have been better prepared for the ICU by doing 3 semesters of 2 whole days clinicals and 3 days narrow focused reading rather than 3 years of 2 half-days of clinicals and 3 days of reading for 4-5 different courses. Moreover, I think clinicals in a specialty ICU rather than a generalized one would be more effective.

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