The Night Staff and yearly competencies

Last night, I had to do some of our required yearly competencies. These included going over proper use and documentation for medical-surgical restraints. This put me in mind of one of the entries from my other (soon-to-be-discontinued) blog The Sexy Nurse Report...

BDSM outfit Kink posted this pornography shoot (NSFW) at Wired Pussy portraying a hospital patient in restraints being molested by a nurse portrayed by adult actress Princess Donna.

From the description:
When Nicotine's husband comes to visit her in the mental ward, he is distressed to hear that her condition hasn't improved at all. In fact, it seems to have gotten much worse as she tells him of her delusions of being abused and experimented on by the night staff of the hospital. Little does he know that his wife is not delusional at all, and as soon as he leaves she will fucked and tormented with all kinds of crazy electrical toys!!!
Now, I've enjoyed other content from this outfit (shhh!), but the kinky nurse bit leaves me cold. In reality, restraints are a legally and ethically problematic intervention in health care. They are used very rarely, even in mental health, and much less often than they used to be. The main use of restraints in hospitals today is to keep confused patients from pulling out tubes and wires that have been inserted for medical purposes.

In the ICU, we use restraints primarily on intubated patients. Restraints have to be ordered by a doctor, and the doctor has to re-new the order every 24 hours. Hands are restrained only enough to keep the person from being able to reach the tube. Pulses are checked every 30 minutes to make sure the restraints are not restricting blood flow, and they have to be released every two hours to provide range of motion exercise.

Occasionally, the five-point behavioral restraints shown above are used. I've only one patient in these, though, and it was not a "normal" admission, I can tell you. These are no fun, as they require one-on-one monitoring with extensive documentation every 15 minutes. Quite boring, actually. Definitely not sexy at all.

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