Screen Test Sexy Nurse

I came across the above photo on Flickr. It's from a punk/indie performance art/spetacle called Screen Test that apparently played a few years ago in New York City. The photographer says of the Sexy Nurse:
[Screen Test is] a vastly entertaining mish-mosh of alienation imagery, filmic metaphor, identity issues, post-apocalyptic motifs, and splendid music, all squeezed into a single stark hour.

I'm taken with Shanti Carson as the primly sexy nurse in white - even in background moments she radiates crisp presence, and it's hard to look away from her when she's on stage.
Here's a clip from the performance:

I don't really have much to say about this portrayal of "our heroine," especially as I have not seen the show and don't have any context for the imagery.

I do think, however, that this would be a good place to point out that the iconic status of the stereotypical white nurse's uniform is not simply a function of its status as a signal of the Sexy Nurse. It is actually a highly aesthetic and memorable design. This is why the iconic white uniform is iconic, despite not having been the typical nurses uniform throughout most of the history of nursing!