Coming back from the brink with sexy nurse

Two days ago, I posted a piece on the Sexy Nurse trope. Remember, my point was that the Sexy Nurse is not a stereotype, but an archetypal fantasy of male passivity. Here's a YouTube video that confirms my thesis, although on the surface it appears to do the opposite...

The plot of this commercial plays on the Angel-stereotype-accommodation-fantasy theme. The nurse is so selfless and altruistic that to bring her patient back from the brink of death she is willing to try anything, even stripping off her clothes.

However, in the end, we see that the patient is manipulating his bedside EKG monitor in order to entice the nurse into removing her clothes. This would seem to contradict my contention that in the Sexy Nurse fantasy, the patient is a passive sexual agent. I submit that there is no contradiction. Consider that this commercial is humorous. Without the plot twist at the end, it would simply be the start of an erotic fantasy, not a funny. The joke is that we identify with the patient and laugh at the ridiculousness of our mutual fantasy. After getting the nurse to strip, the patient re-takes a passive role, laying still and letting the nurse stroke his head. This is his fantasy, not taking advantage of the nurse. The commercial is, in fact, a confirmation of my thesis.