2009 Vogue Paris calendar

Here is the image that started this blog, originally found in Violet Blue. I mean, give me a freakin' break. This girl is nice-looking, but, in addition to any sociological issues, she is not even a sexy Sexy Nurse. How does Vogue magazine ruin sexy? The lingerie replacing the nurse's uniform undermines the fantasy of work-related shenanigans, and it isn't as aesthetically interesting as the iconic white dress (which is almost like a piece of fashion, as discussed in previous posts). Moreover, although she is posed in what I have called the Battleaxe-dominatrix theme, the photographer has completely failed to capture any malevolence--something else which the lingerie undermines--demonstrating a lack of understanding of this fetish.

Pathetic. It does, however, give us a chance to get acquainted with the reality of French nursing. Here's a real French nurse, Luc. He works in Africa:

Here's a real French nurse, Aude. Beautiful, and no high heels required, although she does apparenlty need a watch attached to her clothes:

And here's a real Quebecois nurse, Kathy, from French-speaking Quebec (btw, Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, and, for as far north as it is, has its share of babes along with professionally-behaved nurses):

I must say, too, that if you do a Google image search for infirmière, you get a lot more photos and a lot more explicit photos, than if you do an English search.

There is more at The Sexy Nurse Report.