Zimmerman Martin prediction

I don't normally follow these cable news things, but since I was in Miami at the time the story hit the headlines and I know someone marginally involved, I've been following it. And I'm starting to let myself get sucked in as well, on multiple levels. First, it was endorsing Jim Goad's TakiMag article by forwarding it to people without fact-checking it myself first (some of the claims in it are dubious). Now, it's checking websites every few minutes to see if there's any breaking news!

So, having seen the new police surveillance video of Zimmerman that was released last night, here's my prediction about the outcome of the case.

I predict Zimmerman is going to be indicted and that the case is going to turn on old-fashioned forensics--creating a timeline and establishing the distance of the shooter, angle of bullet entry, etc.

I also predict that Zimmerman is going to be convicted of manslaughter unless there is clear evidence that establishes Zimmerman's cuts, broken nose, and grassy clothes existed at the time the police arrived on the scene.