Weight: set point

When I recently visited Miami, I wore long wool trousers on the airplane to and from. So, basically, I went 2.5 weeks between wearings of the same pants/belt combo. While in Miami, I lost enough weight to go down a little over 1 notch on my belt. That's pretty good.

So how am I dealing with that? By building on my success by continuing to eat less, walk a lot, and sweat off weight, right? Wrong!

I've been inexplicably ravenous ever since I got back. I want meat (my friend is a vegetarian)! I want fat (my friend believes in low-fat)! I want more calories! This hunger doesn't make sense, as I haven't done anything since getting back. The only physical recovery that could be prompting hunger is a low-level quadracep injury I sustained at CrossFitA1A.

I think my experience is possible anecdotal evidence of the set point theory of weight control: that is, your body gets comfortable a certain level of adiposity and tries to get back there if you lose...