Razib's presentation on secularism and conservatism

To be honest, while I'm very interested to hear what Razib has to say about politics, I was disappointed in this presentation, to the extent that the following PowerPoint really represents what Razib had to say. I don't see much actual rationale for conservatism here other than "I like civilization" and "like Hume, I'm deeply skeptical". This is pretty weak for a political platform. To refer to the talk, if you agree with Xunzi against Mozi on art, where does that leave you on socialist realism, MOMA shows, public works, NEH funding, etc? I suppose the answer is that Razib is not really that interested in the nitty gritty of politics. I suppose that's fine, but then why proclaim yourself through blogs and presentations? At least The Derb's pessimism is political coherent via his own personal history and psychological development. Oh well.