no response from Response Team

Previously, I wrote that I was writing to our great nation's National Nurse Response Team (NNRT) to get information about joining up. So far, no response aside from the automated e-mail. You would think they would be interested in a young(ish) single guy who's also an EMT--almost custom designed you might think...


  1. Hi.

    I am a member of the NNRT and have been since it's founding days. I'm nothing but a 'member' but I will be happy to try and get someone in touch with you. Email me at and give me your information.

    Rich Hightower RN , CRN

  2. heh...yeah, i've never heard back from those guys either! probably just as well.

  3. Thanks, Rich. I'll e-mail you in the near future. Back to studying for maternity now.