David Joyce sucks

Want to know the difference between a cardiac nurse and a cardiac surgeon? Just visit DJ in the UK:

(1) cardiac surgeons go to Tunisia to visit the set of Star Wars

(2) cardiac surgeons attend black tie dinners with intelligent ladies
Did you ask if I was bitter? Yes, I am. It's not that I think surgeons and nurses should be living the same lifestyle, it's that if I chosen to stay in biology instead of going into nursing, I think I would have maintained my 4.0 and maybe had a shot at med school, or at least a better shot a PA program. Oh well.

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  1. hey it's never to late to go to med school. when i began nursing school pre-reqs, a friend of mine started med school. she is now a DO. I am 46, and she i believe is about 42. Two fellow nurse friends of mine are going to cross over. I think it's excellent for dr's. Every dr. should know what nurses REALLY do.
    (IMHO :0) Heather