Nur360 clinicals day 6

After donning the green scrubs around 0645, it was off to a new post-partum family. There's not much to say about what happened. The infant of my patient kept skirting the bottom end of acceptable temperatures, which made me nervous. As well, there's virtually nothing to do in a post-partum rotation compared to med-surg, so I spent much of the day standing around, which made me extremely stressed out as I kept thinking I was forgetting something. One of the maternity nurses was commenting on how busy it was for them--so busy she had to give 10 meds that day!!!

Theoretically, this should be my last day of maternity rotation. I still have to do well enough on the maternity test next Wednesday to maintain a 73 test point average. That sounds like nothing, especially since I was carrying a 4.0 in pre-nursing courses, but for some reason this maternity stuff won't stay down. Whenever people talk to me about it, it's as though they're speaking like the adults in Charlie Brown cartoons. Although I discovered in this rotation that I love those cute delicate newborn babies, it's definitely not worth it to take this class over. Oh, yes, I really hope I pass. Really!!

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