Sweet. I was going to stay after class yesterday to see what the results of my big maternity exam were in Nur360, but the instructor told me it would take too long for her to grade the exams so she would send me an e-mail when she was done.

So, I waited... and waited... one, two hours... took a nap til dinner time... checked again after coffee and dessert... checked all evening...

I spent the entire evening last night and part of the morning this morning checking my e-mail, until I finally went into her office today about 45 minutes ago.

I got a 93 on the exam (including 3 bonus points from extra-test work). This is not very good compared with my pre-nursing performance, but about par for nursing courses, and quite good for maternity. The instructor said she thought this was the highest grade in the class, which I think was probably a "mistake" to boost my confidence, but it's a nice lie anyhow.

Now we have just have one thing left in Nur360--an Elsevier HESI exam. It'll be a doosy, but as long as I don't bomb it completely, I'll be good.

I'm relieved. I ended enjoying maternity nursing a lot more than I thought I would, but I certainly don't want to repeat it, especially not when that means adding onto an already full course load for next semester...


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