Elsevier anti-religion bias in VCE

I'm working on Chapter 13 of Elsevier's Maternity & Women's Health Virtual Clinical Excursion, and I notice that patient Maggie Gardner blames her 5 fetal and newborn deaths on punishment from God but that they are "really" due to Lupus. This is so stereotypical of the presentation of religious people. The religious person can't be the one who is doing well and simply thanks God for all her good fortune--no, she has to be the one who is emotionally beating her self up over a "medical condition" that has nothing to do with God. (Moreover, she is really seething with anger and resentment over a jealous relationship with her sister...)

You can tell the VCE wasn't written by a religious person because the spiritual assessments by the pastor are all about "feeling closer" to God, which is probably the way secular people imagine religious faith to be--all about feelings of closeness. If this scenario was written by an Evangelical Christian like Maggie seems to be presented as, the pastoral assessment would refer to trust and "giving things up."

Elsevier, you suck.

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