Boba Fett & low-GI diet

Path to Sexy blog points us to the website of Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week. I haven't read the book, and I don't like these types of books as a rule, but I like the article Path to Sexy read. Ferriss has almost exactly the same outlook on diet that I do. Really. When people ask me about food, this is what I recommend, although I almost never having control of meal planning at home or at work... (but wait til I graduate!!):
  • No sweet drinks and no milk (milk is full sugar, but most people don't get this...)
  • No breads, pasta, rice, or potatoes
  • No sweets (pudding, candy, etc)
  • Never skip light-colored meats (or fish/tofu) and green vegetables (preferably leafy and raw) in your meal
  • Add beans, berries, and citrus fruits for carbs
  • To lose weight, find a set of easy-to-make meals you like and repeat them over and over
  • To lose weight, never eat a portion of anything larger than the palm of your hand and never eat more than one portion (viz, one serving) per meal
  • Don't skip meals, and schedule a "binge day," but stick to your schedule

Plus, he has a photo of Boba Fett in his Flickr stream, so how bad could he be?...

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