National Nurse Response Team

An alternative to the military reserves is the National Nurse Response Team (NNRT). I learned about this program in Nur356 Professional Concepts when several class members did a PowerPoint presentation on volunteer nursing. (It was actually quite good and informative, unlike most student presentations...)

The NNRT is designed to deploy nurses "to assist in chemoprophylaxis, a mass vaccination program, or a scenario that overwhelms the nation’s supply of nurses in responding to a weapon of mass destruction event" as part of the National Disaster Medical System.

If you're interested in joining NNRT, you start by e-mailing your qualifications through the DHHS website. Yes, you do have to work under DHHS, but what do you want from a bill co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy? I'm going to e-mail them as a student and see what they say. Stay tuned for details...

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