Prince of Peace green tea

There was an article in today's local paper about the fact that our local food cooperative has finished making mortgage payments. I was just there a few days ago looking for turmeric extract and green tea, and I was sorry to see that they no longer had a place on their shelves for Prince of Peace brand green tea.

Of course, the best thing both from the perspective of health benefits and quality control is to buy the whole leaves, but that is a lot more expensive and when you're at work or something it's so much easier to use tea bags. I'm very skeptical about the safety of Asian import products, but where else is green tea going to come from? Anyhow, I crossed my fingers and hoped that "Prince of Peace" might mean ethical business practices as well.

I can't vouch for the safety of the products, but Prince of Peace does do good work so I was happy to buy their product, especially when it turned out to be decently good. All summer and into the fall, I brewed up big batches of combination green and jasmine teas. I sweetened it with a little stevia, and it put it in unlabeled old Arizona green tea bottles. (Arizona green tea has very little actual green tea, but it is healthier to use their glass bottles to store heated liquids than to use plastic bottles.) It was great. Sorry to see Prince of Peace brand leave the North Country Food Co-op. If you find it near you, give it a try.

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