Dean Vaughn sucks, part deux

Received the following e-mail regarding the hated Dean Vaughn system. Just before, I had determined not to attend this class anymore as I don't have the time to waste...

Date:2/18/2008 8:25:24 PM
To:All course individuals (NUR363 - Care of Adults II, Spring 2008)
Subject:Important reminder about med-term

Hi class,

I just wanted to remind those of you who will be in the classroom lab tomorrow... that you should review the med-terms from Lesson 1 & 2 so that you will be able to recall them on the two fill-in the blank lists tomorrow. They will look like your lists I handed out. You will not HAVE to remember the audionym, but please review them. Try to relate the prefixes and suffixes to medical terms that you have heard or know (or can now define!). Quiz each other if you get the chance. If I get a chance, I'll mix the terms up on the lists, so that you won't just be remembering them from the order they are in. They will be averaged into the homework quiz grade, and that's good news!! :) See you tomorrow!

I am bringing earplugs and a Taber's medical dictionary, though.

Speaking of that, I went to get the Taber's yesterday and found one at our local second-hand shop, The Cornerstone Bookstore (in the first-floor Health/Medical section). I thought it was a real deal since the new edition is like $30, and this one was in great condition for $8. But it turns out, the one I bought yesterday is from 1974! The amazing thing is that it basically hasn't changed in all that time--same cover, same design, same size, same fonts and layout... I enjoy that, actually. I guess that part of the conservativism of the medical profession that people speak of, since doctors certainly aren't politically conservative.

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