Nur363 clinicals day 2

Revised out of HIPAA considerations...
By the end of the day yesterday, my ... patient had been discharged, so I picked up a ... patient. This patient seems to be pretty much being dismissed by the staff, especially as is apparently waiting for nursing home placement. The patient was reported to be "totally out of it."

After working with the patient, I found the situation better than reported to me. The patient had trouble ..., but instead of the problem being from inability, it seemed to be more about distraction and communication.
Actually, the nurses said I had gotten the patient to eat more than anyone else. Patience? I don't know.

The instructor wanted me to try balancing two patients as well, so I picked up a patient with ... problems who just wants pain relief with the occasional attack. Of course, you don't get admitted for pain relief. ... was also elevated in the ER workup and ... and furosemide were administered overnight. Discharged before I went home....

Highlights of the day included working with a really good-looking RN. (This type of thing is a perk of being a man in nursing.) What I took out of clinicals this week was the need for more complete learning outside of clinicals. When more patients start getting added, it is way too much work to do research on each of them.

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