Dean Vaughn System sucks

Well, I just finished the first every-other-Tuesday-medical-terminology-lab that accompanies Nur363 Care of the Adult II. (Yes, that right. Never mind that 70% of this terminology was covered in A&P.) My instructor, who taught this course at an LPN technical school, is using the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System. If you have not been subjected to this system before, do not do it voluntarily. It involves using bad puns to associate words with ridiculously unfunny cartoon images. It is infantilizing. It is inefficient. It is inappropriate material for a 4-year university. Worst of all, in some cases, they teach incorrect meanings in order to gloss over confusion that might occur from historico-linguist changes. For example, the system's definition of "-ologist" is "expert." That is not only incorrect, it reinforces some of the intellectual errors of modernity.

Anyhow, I "forgot" to hand in the pre-test, so I can make a copy of it and learn the terms on my own. I SWEAR IF I REMEMBER THESE CARTOONS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, IT WILL RUIN MY APPRECIATION FOR MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY AND MAKE ME HATE THIS INSTRUCTOR AND SCHOOL FOREVER. There, I said it to you, the internets, instead of her...

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  1. Anonymous18/3/11 21:02

    geez, lighten up. The techniques are proven memory aids. It's not meant to make you a subject matter expert.