3 hours sleep; 0730 wake/breakfast; 0900 review readings for today's class; 1000 Nur363; 1200 attempted lunch with my father; 1300 Nur356; 1515 shopping for bread/wine for fondue tonight; 1600 internet; 1640 cardio workout at CV Fitness; 1800 dinner (fondue); 1930 watched McLaughlin group with family; 2000 went to Feinberg computing center to produce calendar for this semester; 0100 fell asleep on couch in front of TV

I have a lot of trouble keeping straight what's going on in my life, when schoolwork is due, and how much time I have left. So, I tried to put together a semester minder. It ended running to 40 5.5" x 8.5" pages. The cover I chose was this image called "... curing a woman's diseased eye with a beryl gemstone" from Ortus Sanitatis, 1491

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