maternity book from Amazon

I haven't gotten the Lowdermilk textbook yet for Nur360 Care of the Childbearing Family, so I ordered the previous edition (hope they haven't changed much) from Amazon with expedited shipping for $4.50. The seller must also be a nursing student. She writes:
Sent: Thu 2/07/08 9:41 AM
Hi Chris,

I know what that's like--I was in the same situation with a textbook earlier in the semester. I have just shipped the book via Priority Mail.

It should be there in a day or two.
Good luck with your studies!
That's the way buying nursing books should be. I can't wait to pass on my textbooks as well. Thanks, Kelly, and good luck to you, too! (Now, we'll have to wait and see if the textbook is any good...)

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