2-10-2008 - 2-11-2008

0800 rise, laundry, cleaning, stuff
1230 gym (upper body resistance)
1330 family dinner
1445 work (again, no Vickie; also, Bob came in to see Jason, seemed to give me a snub on the phone, did I do something on Tuesday? I'm no good at this friends business...)
2230 clinical paperwork; falling asleep at computer; hating life...
0845 clinical paperwork "finished", shower, etc.
0915 try to study for class quiz
1000 Nur363 (quiz was not on the reading I did...)
1200 reading for Nur356
1300 Nur356
1500 walk across campus to Feinberg lab, print clinical paperwork, walk back across campus to Hawkins and turn in paperwork
1530 home
1615 napping...
1900 dinner
2000 watch some bonus material from Jon's THX1138 DVD
2115 try to get some work done at Feinberg lab
2340 gym closed, so no cardio workout, then to bed...

Yes, no sleep Sunday night. These two days sucked.

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