Nur363 clinicals day 1

Revised out of HIPAA considerations...
Junior-level clinicals happen on Thursdays and Fridays. We have to go into
the hospital on Wednesday night to get our assignments and then do research on conditions, medications, etc. Our clinical paperwork includes a short history of the current admission. Here was my patient history for today:
Love those question marks? In the H&P, the surgeon wrote he was going to do an open surgery, but then wrote "lapxxxxxxxx" in his procedure note. Also, no reason for admission given or rationale for tele/ox.

The patient was supposed to have an NG and Jackson-Pratt, but when I got there this morning, the NG and JP were out, patient was up and passing gas, and the surgeon discharged.

What's a student to do? I got a ... patient awaiting nursing home placement for tomorrow...

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