I hate nursing school

Yes, here is the often-expressed sentiment I have heard from so many recent graduates. I can't speak for all students, but I hate nursing school because we're forced to do tons of work that doesn't teach us anything. Spending hours compiling paperwork that could have been spent actually learning about physiology and pathophysiology is a real, REAL drag. Since last Wednesday night, I have accomplished almost nothing other than researching a nursing care plan. What a fucking waste of time!!

But, protests the straw-man professor, that's what nursing is, and when you get into practice, you will be doing plenty of paperwork then, too. Bullshit! The paperwork in the hospital may be heavy, but it's all designed to be done within the length of a shift. In school, paperwork is assigned of indeterminate length. And in the hospital, all you have to do is chart to the satisfaction of liability and patient safety. In school, you have to out-perform the other students. It's all baloney.

I wouldn't mind just blowing off the stuff I don't care about, but what if I want to go to grad school? I can't just get by with a 74 average.

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