2-12-2008 - 2-13-2008

0730 rise
0800 Feinberg library for work (procrastination)
1330 lunch
1400 back to Feinberg
1900 dinner at cafeteria
1930 back to Feinberg
~2330 wrap up, missed gym
This day had a decently high level of productivity and included mapping out several chapters of pharmacology information.
0030 try to start studying for exam, falling asleep, procrastinating, etc.
0900 get ready for "the day"
1000 MED-SURG EXAM #1 in Nur363
1200 lunch and nap
1300 Nur360 (zombie zone)
1500 to CVPH for clinical research
1645 home
1730 decide to take short nap
1900 wake for dinner
1940 fell asleep on couch
0030 woke up and went to bed
This day went not as well as hoped, but better than it could have. It's hard to say how the exam went because I was so tired. I think I either did very well (>93) or very badly (<80).>
Failures today includes bad use of time while staying up all night to study as well as total lack of research for clinicals.

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