"History of Midwifery"

Purely by chance, I just came across the website of German antiquarian bookseller Franz Siegle. He has a lot old science books, including some on the history of midwifery with interesting pictures. You can see the midwifery books and more images by going to www.antiquariat-siegle.de/catalogue.htm and clicking on Catalogue No.45. In this woodcut of midwives assisting in birth, I love the two guys in the background looking at the stars. What are they doing? Are they divining astrological signs about the birth, or is it just representing the men paying attention to their own interests while the women are birthing?

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  1. Anonymous10/2/12 02:52

    I think the men in the background represent the belief that the stars could tell them if their wife was having their son, or just a useless daughter. History sucks for women.