Orientation: MAK, allergies, hx

Okay, so yesterday I felt guilty for being one of two people taking up hospital education resources. Today, it was just me. I spent the day in a computer class going over the hospital's "Medication Administration Check" system. This is a computerized med pass. Apparently, the company wasn't able to call their system MAC due to Apple, so it's called MAK. This has led to jokes about "med k'checking". But I guess you got what you wanted, Steve Jobs. Also covered was the computerized allergy and administration history systems.

My educator for this part of orientation is a former ob nurse who I remember from float ward clerk days as having a super short buzz cut, but not being willing to give me the time of day. Sheesh. What's a guy gotta do to get attention from a woman with a buzz cut? Oh well, water under the bridge.

Anyhow, we got to discussing certification and continuing ed today, and she convinced me to sign up for Medscape, from which you can acquire CE's.

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