GO day 1 (p.s., I got a job)

Monday morning saw me in my first day of General Orientation (or, GO).

Oh, yeah, I got a job. I was worried about this for a while, but when I talked to my director she said there was an opening I could have. This was about two weeks ago. Actually, I believe I signed the H.R. job transfer form (P-5) on exactly the same date I signed my original employment papers some years ago.

I hadn't wanted to be in General Orientation today. My original plan had been to pass the NCLEX before starting any job so that I could forget pediatrics and maternity and just concentrate on wherever I was at the time. However, H.R. wouldn't let me sign the P-5 and not start orientation, so here I was today.

Since I went through GO once before, a lot was repetition today. Fire, hygiene, etc. It was all run by our educator, George (of ACLS fame).

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