GlowCaps and firetrucks

Getting patients to take medications by putting lights and sounds into the caps of their pill vials. This is the idea of David Rose. On the face of it, it's not a bad idea. People are primed for visual cues, so why not use them on med vials? I'm reminded of the change from red fire trucks to incandescent yellow. Back when all the cars, bikes, and most clothes were black, red fire trucks seemed like a great idea. When the city became an even greater menagerie of light and sound, red started to fade into the background, and firetrucks had to change to yellow. If "ambient devices" become widespread, glowcaps are likely to become like red fire trucks.

And then there the's GlowCap Connect, which records when you access your meds and sends a signal to someone who can monitor you. Lovely. Perhaps in the future, all of our feeding times will be monitored as well. Life will be just like a giant hospital!

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