GO day 2

General Orientation day two, today. CPR, mandatory reporting of abuse, back safety, etc...

After lunch was a medication usage and calculation test. As I always performed well--and well ahead of the rest of the class--on med calc in school, I thought I was prepared. Plus, last Sunday, I went to the food court at the mall and did the practice exams provided by HR just to be sure. But there ended up being a lot more on the exam about general medication knowledge. Luckily, it was open-book and a Lippincott's nursing drug book was available. Even as an open-book test, I got a couple wrong. However, I did get right a dopamine gtt calc question that George said a lot of people miss.

Listen, nursing students. To do medication calculation, you just have to lay out the formulas and plug in the numbers. It's all ratios; don't sweat it, just do it methodically.

Following the med calc test was competencies in the glucometer, occult blood testing, and a couple other things. There were four of us: myself, an LPN who will be working in the renal center, a new tele/clerk/aide for the PCU, and a new aide for another floor.

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