Used my other watch

As I reported recently, I lost the watch I had purchased for clinical rotations in nursing school. Instead of buying a new one, I took the less costly route of using a Timex Indiglo my brother had given me some years ago (like the one pictured below).

It turned out to be a good choice. While I prefer to have a watch loose on my wrist for comfort, the Timex Indiglo, which was too small not to fit snugly, actually fit much better for use in clinicals. Having a watch with a slimmer profile that fit close to the wrist made it much easier to get gloves and the sleeves of isolation gowns over my wrist. It also didn't require removal for every hand washing since the snugger fit kept the watch from falling down around the base of my thumb. The flatter, smoother design of the Indiglo with a smooth leather (as opposed to suede) is a fashion choice, but it also makes the watch easier to clean. Finally, the Indiglo is a much lighter watch, and I'm not even aware that it's on my wrist until I need it--just how a watch should be.

Overall, I'm happy with having lost my Expedition and switched to the Indiglo.

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