Nur464 Final: big time suck

Today (Wed, May 13) was the final in the Nur464 Care of the Adult III (critical care) course. This was my last final for the semester, and will hopefully be my last final of nursing school, assuming I pass everything, which I should (fingersXd!). The final sucked big time. It was a computerized final, so I received my grade immediately--72. That's a failure. Now, the final was non-cumulative, and, as far as I know, counted the same as the other tests in the course. So, I should pass the course anyhow, but I have done weakly in the last half of the semester. The topics for this exam were burns, chest and abdominal trauma, and organ donation/immune suppression. It shouldn't have been that hard. A couple questions I intuited correctly and then talked myself out of. One I missed because I purposefully didn't memorize a formula for calculating fluids in a burn victim (there being multiple formulas, with the assumption the formula would be given on the test, and fluids being an MD order anyhow). A couple I missed because of skipping subsections of reading I didn't think were relevant. A couple I missed due to simple lack of memory. But the ones that really bother me are the ones where I used bad judgment to arrive at the wrong answer. That was probably 1/3-1/2 of them. That sucks.

After the test, right to ACLS class, then back to the library to study for the mega-code for tomorrow.

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