ACLS certified

I passed the AHA's Advanced Cardiac Life-Saving course today, and am now re-certified in ACLS til May 2011. Shown above are George, who ran the course, Dr. Hartung, and Linda, who tested my mega-code. (Dr. Hartung's wife is a fairly good painter.)

I got a 100 on the written exam, and think I did pretty well on the mega-code relative to the PCU and ER nurses who were with me. I didn't make any mistakes (though I lost my 95 year old female patient after she was pronounced following a normal sinus PEA that wouldn't respond with a pulse), and I was able to correct some in the nurses while performing CPR, etc. (Note to providers: you don't convert nor defibrillate a sinus tachycardic rhythm. Sinus tach and SVT are not the same.) I was maybe a little more nervous and less in control of the situation at the beginning, but that's okay as I'm new (not even an RN yet).

Passing was a real confidence booster after my disasterous clinical immersion practicum and the Nur464 final yesterday. Linda is a former ICU manager, so I was pretty happy to get kudos from her.

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