Scramfribled eggs

I couldn't decide if I wanted fried eggs or scrambled eggs. The solution? Both.

I tried to make scrambled eggs, but separate out two yolks and drop them in the pan with the other beaten eggs.

This didn't really turn out well. In order to cook correctly, scrambled eggs can't be too deep in the pan, otherwise the bottom burns before the top has ceased being runny. The only solution is to move them around in the pan so that the liquid keeps running onto the skillet. But you can't do that with the yolks in there.

The only way this might work, as I see it, is to make Julia Child's filled omlettes and use egg yolk as the filling. Use a large pan on high heat, put in the beaten eggs, which will cook in seconds, then, as you are moving the pan to roll up the omlette, drop in some yolks, which should hopefully cook just a little before you remove them from the pan.