Duck and sauerkraut

Dinner this night: roast duckling with sauerkraut stuffing, and sweet potato, beet greens, and a Gew├╝rztraminer. The duck was "farm raised."

It turned out to be something of a disappointment. The sauerkraut dressing recipe is in an older edition of the Joy of Cooking if you want. It includes kraut, apple, currants, onion, garlic... I left out the brown sugar. The recipe for roast duck in the Joy of Cooking says that, if you don't want a stuffing, you should at least stuff the duck with a cubed potato to absorb malsavory (is that a word?... malgustory?) flavors. Instead the kraut absorbed them. It wasn't terrible, but it had an off flavor that was absent form the duck. The duck per se was quite good, with crispiness and tender fat, etc. But the stuffing was just not right. I'm tempted to throw out the drippings next time, but otherwise, how do you get duck fat?