TSN baloney, cont'd

Does The Sexy Nurse baloney never end? An "artist" named Aya produces t-shirts with "pin-up art" on them.

Note the tacky, unimaginative captions. I draw attention to these particular examples, because I think it is instructive to see The Sexy Nurse portrayed alongside the nun and policewoman. The image below of "Nurse Jackie" is one that is probably unremarkable to most people. Is it to you?
Does it look ridiculous to portray a nurse like this? Or does Jackie simply look like a nurse to you? Now compare this photo to the "pin-up art" Sexy Nurse above. Almost exactly alike, no? Consider how foolish the nun and policewoman look. The Sexy Nurse art was produced by the same mind that produced the nun and policewoman, and it is equally as foolish an image. It should appear equally as foolish to us. And Nurse Jackie should appear to us just as foolish as that nun and policewoman as well.

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(Incidentally, the ID badge Jackie is wearing in this photo is identical in design to the one at my hospital. Maybe there is one manufacturer that dominates in this market?)