Manic? following Sinead O'Connor's blog

I would bet that sex blogger Violet Blue is right on the money in suggesting that Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's strange, recent blog posts discussing her sexual appetite are a sign she is going through a manic phase of her bipolar disorder.

In addition to saying she wants to have sex with trucks and asking Bob Dylan for oral sex, she has put out a call for "sweet and filthy" men to e-mail her to be her boyfriend. And she's asked for "innocent young Irish ladies to corrupt" for her two male nannies, Jamie and Luke.
(In addition to any 'yewww' factor, does anyone else think it is strange that someone so critical of Catholic priests' abuse of children would hire male nannies?)

So we learn that Sinead does anal, used a banana as a dildo, and likes stinky men with facial hair stubble. But mostly, it is her sort of stream-of-consciousness writing that makes one think she is going through a phase. She started blogging at, then switched to She's also switched her dating e-mail to On her blog, she describes herself as a genius and a "fine filly."

As Violet Blue says, maybe she is just very horny, but the whole picture presented on her website seems a little more stretched, like someone unable to contain themselves. On the other hand, she no longer has the look that attracted people like Violet Blue and myself, so who knows what this is about. Maybe the lack of grooming is a sign in itself.