Things fall apart

Yesterday, I linked to a photo set of a falling down hospital. Today, I link to a photo set from TIME-CNN on places in Detroit that are falling apart. Have you ever been to a place like this? I have, in the mountains not far away. It's a strange feeling.

I always wonder, when contemplating this degradation, at the fact that we somehow keep this from happening to the places we live. We must all engage in "housekeeping" activities every day that we aren't even aware of in order to keep our buildings from falling down. Stop regulating the temperature in house, and how long would it be before the pipes froze or cracks started to appear? Just a little neglect, and everything falls apart.

Of course, this does have relevance for nursing and health care. These photos are the expression of what is happening to our bodies as well when we eat poorly and fail to exercise. Of course, you can't live forever, but just a little daily housekeeping can keep things looking good far longer...

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