Nur464 clinical day 1

Well, today was the first day of what should be my last clinical rotation. Hard to believe. I haven't been in a hospital clinical (discounting psych, where we couldn't even pass meds) for a year.

So today I am supposed to be shadowing a nurse, and I volunteer to help a respiratory therapist with trach care, which I previously did on a mannequin 20+ months ago, and she gives me the supplies and leaves me. Nice.

Actually, performing trach care didn't bother me, but I did have a hard time with basic nursing practice like helping people move and change. I still haven't figured out things such as how much pressure to exert on elderly people to keep from hurting them. I gave a backrub today and discovered no muscle to rub.

Oh well. We'll how things go tomorrow when I actually have to manage the patient.

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