GoogleReader & cxlxmx's shared news

If you follow cxlxmxrx closely (and who doesn't?), you'll have noticed that there has been a new link at right for several days called "news". This link goes to a news feed aggregated from the RSS feeds in my GoogleReader.

The way it works is this: various news sources, blogs, and other websites (actually, almost everybody these days) publish RSS feeds. I go subscribe to these feeds through GoogleReader. GoogleReader allows me to tag certain items within each feed to be "shared". GoogleReader then aggregates these items and publishes them. You can read them on my GoogleReader page, or you can subscribe to an aggregated RSS feed (click on the orange square in the navigation, as shown below...). I think this is a pretty cool way to share information. You could potentially have layers upon layers of feeds, all mixing and matching news differently for different audiences.

I just started using GoogleReader last week, so I'm still working out the kinks--trying to figure out what is useful and efficient reading via GoogleReader. This is harder than it sounds. One thing that seems fairly fruitful, however, is to subscribe to RSS feeds of bookmarks. This methods allows you to sidestep corporate filters to some extent. Also, if you find someone like-minded on, you almost assured a steady supply of links you will find relevant and interesting. Just a suggestion.

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