Epocrates... likin' it

Tonight I'm studying for a Nur464 exam and using Epocrates to look up the meds. My instructor recommended it. I can't believe I've never used this before. It's pretty damn good! I always thought this info was so difficult to compile from clinical trials that publishers had to pay for people to spend mucho hours researching. That's the only explanation I could come with for why there wouldn't be free resources on the web. But here it is for free. Cool.


  1. Anonymous5/3/09 04:02

    Hey, thanks for sharing. A nurse at the hospital had me use it once when I didn't have some med in my drug guide. I recognized the program right away.

  2. how does it compare to skyscape's Davis Drug Guide? I just cracked that on my HTC touch pro and it's pretty sweet. Also downloaded a drug interaction analyzer, the little black book of geriatrics and a bunch of other tools. 5-minute clinical consult is pretty rad.

  3. Akshully, I haven't used the downloadable version yet, so I can't speak to its usability. Also haven't seen the Davis one so couldn't compare. Several of the nurses in my workplace use handheld devices with a variety of software, and they all seem pretty slick. I'm just too poor to own a handheld right now. It'll probably be my first purchase after getting a job, though (assuming I graduate [fingers crossed]).

    My brother has an iPhone and am trying to decide if that would be the best option. The touch-screen navigation on the iPhone is really nice, as is Internet access through the cell network in addition to WiFi. However, I am really negative on the use of cell phones I've seen in my workplace, so I don't know if I want to be seen with one.

    Months to decide, though...