Using GoogleBooks to assist with take-home exam

For Nur427 Nursing Research, we were given a take-home exam (vignettes and short-answer, thank God!) to be completed over Thanksgiving break. There were a few terms I wasn't really sure how to interpret in the context of the questions: in particular, "operationalize"--not a hard concept in research, but one we hadn't discussed and I wasn't familiar with. The index wasn't helpful as it only pointed to the glossary, which was inadequate. What to do?

Well, I got the idea of looking in GoogleBooks to see if the Index was an inadequate index. Sure enough, Essentials of Nursing Research (6th ed.) is available on GoogleBooks. And if you type in the term "operationalize" or "operationalized" in the upper-right-side search box, it turns out that the term shows up in many more places than the Index indexes.

I think this demonstrates another great (free) educational use of Google. Can't find something in your textbook? Use GoogleBooks.

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