Finals (semester?) over: we take this opportunity...

Monday morning was the final exam in Nur435 Psychiatric Nursing. Monday afternoon was a presentation on my Nur427 Nursing Research project. Monday evening and all day yesterday, I worked on the term paper and "journey paper" for Nur428 Management/Leadership.

Hopefully, all my nursing is over for the semester. I only needed to get about 25% of the points on my research project, so I should be okay, although the literature review and ethical/legal components that I left to my partner ended up being weighted most in the grade. There's also the possibility that I could fall on my face in Management/Leadership. The class was very disorganized, and I'm not sure what the instructions for the term paper were even after asking the instructor to clarify three different times (I ended up just using the grading rubric as an outline, which makes a piss-poor paper).

Now all I have left is a presentation for Bio416 Virology. It could go well except that we've had about a month to work on it and I have to do it all today and tomorrow morning. As the NA's would say at work, "oh shit balls..."

Anyhow, I take this opportunity to provide a little "Bach break" from finals by way of David Post's son. Via Volokh Conspiracy...

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