Anecdotes: T and veggies

In The Four Hour Body, Ferriss says that when he jacked his testosterone levels, women started paying mad attention to him. Some reviewers have poo-pooed this claim as it is based on unsubstantiated ideas about the interaction of biochemistry and attraction.

After a long dry spell, the last week has pretty much been a whirlwind romantic encounter for me, culiminating in a weekend get-away. I didn't go to the gym or get out much for the last week, spending much of it "indoors." When I got back to the gym today, all eyes were on me. While doing sprint intervals on the treadmill, every time I looked around, I was getting checked out by the women on the other equipment. Same for the weights. And although I was feeling good about myself, I was also feeling introspective and not flirtatious, so I don't think it was likely to be from confidence. This isn't a substantiation of Ferriss ideas about T boosting, but it's interesting subjectively.

I also ate a mostly vegetarian diet last week. Today, I just could not put up the weight. Veggies + lack of sleep + missed workouts = strength loss.