Oh, she's young and has good genetics and cosmetics

Somehow falling into a link tree related to macaroons, I came across a website called "Oh, She Glows," apparently based on the premise that a life of "natural" (in this case, Paleo) living will lead not only to good health but to beauty.
This is a tempting fallacy, and one that I am prone to myself. However, it needs to be pointed out that although fit and healthy people are often attractive in our society, beauty has as much or more to do with age, genetics, and grooming as with health and habits. As an example of this principle, take a look at the following photo of a !kung san woman. The !kung are "Paleo" par excellence, and no doubt this woman is healthier than many American women of her same age...
But does she glow? Mmmm, maybe not so much. Actually, she's quite a handsome specimen of homo sapiens, but she isn't a cover model.

Remember, beach body, run-way look, athletic performance, and longevity may all have some overlap, but they aren't synonymous.