J.S. Bach versus wind and crickets

Right now, having finished the meal I described in my last post and consumed a macchiato, I am sitting contemplating a glass of armangac.

While sitting here (like Marlon Brando, with my laptop in my lap), I am listening to cantatas by J.S. Bach (BWV 13, 116, 144), which are playing over a relatively still and mild summer night. Crickets and frogs but not much else is audible, and an afternoon rain has left the land smelling wet in the evening.
Would it be better to turn off Bach and just let the night be, with its night sounds? Similarly, would it be better to enjoy a fine bowl or let the fragrant landscaping predominate. In generality, are the glories of men better than the graces of nature?

As one who vasilates on this question, I leave it unanswered, but do acknowledge that civilization was conceived and built painstakingly by primitive men and fireplace sitters, not by the sons of the florescent lamp light. Make of this what you will.