Being single is expensive

My family is out of town right now. As a result, I am on my own for meals. I fear that despite my essential frugality, being single over the course of a month will turn out to be more expensive on a per capita basis than having a family.

Since being on my own, I have basically been eating herb salads and eggs at home. On days when I work, I fast except for a breakfast of poor man's huevos rancheros (scrambled eggs with salsa, sour cream, and celantro leaves). I've also eaten eggs for dinner several times, but on several occasions I have gone out for dinner.

Waste: combining Paleo with SAD

Tonight, I went to a local establishment and had a ribeye steak, served with salad, cooked vegetables and French fried potatoes, and a glass of red wine. The total for the meal plus tip was about $40.

Now, I strongly prefer vegatables raw or al dente, so they were wasted. Likewise, the steak was large enough to feed two people, and I ate some of the potatoes only because I had done spinning followed by a very heavy squat routine followed by a martini at home and was drunk by the time my meal arrived. Actually, I didn't enjoy the potatoes (and they were probably cooked in vegetable oil). So here is our line-up of wasted food:
  • vegetable sides, uneaten
  • staches, partially eaten but unwanted
  • meat, eaten, but beyond point of satiety
For this waste, I paid what I would have paid to feed all members of my family a similar meal at home. A shame.

Men like to be served, so families are socially desirable

Some people might take offense at this principle, but I think it is a truism of life. Men like to be served. I would much rather put my life on the line in battle than spend a lifetime cooking and serving myself at home. I think most men feel the same. But restaurants are wasteful and have other negative externalities as well, so it is within society's interests for men and women to cooperate in the domestic sphere.