The crisis in men's hospital scrubs

One of the great perks of the ICU was having your scrubs provided, rather like the OR. We used to have green surgical scrubs available--no laundry necessary, just dump them in the clothes hamper. But now our hospital is adopting an institution-wide dress code, and the surgical scrubs are out. We are providing our own and washing them.

I went to the local outlet a couple days ago and purchased some scrubs off the men's rack. They were 3x as I'm a large fellow. They looked odd to me, but the scrubs available locally are cheap, so who knows? But when I got to work that night and went to clip my name badge onto the V-neck, I discovered that the right side of the collar crossed over the top of the left side. Women's scrubs!! I'd been had!

Most of the staff I talked to didn't even realize there was a left-over-right vs right-over-left gender difference in clothes. If the collar, button-holes, or pants fly crosses left over right, the clothes are men's or unisex. If they cross right over left, they are women's. This is a universal rule of clothing manufacture and, kept in mind, can prevent a typical bachelor from purchasing a women's blouse to wear with his suit.

Further invesitgation shows that my scrubs, made by "White Cross", are supposed to have a right-over-left design. Someone forgot to these "designers" about the rules. My name tag popped off while it was clipped to the wrong side.