New information about C.diff management

Earlier today the CDC had a conference call on updates to managing Clostridium difficile. The PowerPoint used in the call can be found at the COCA website, and I have made an abbreviated copy, which is below. For nursing, the main points are as follows:
  1. C.diff is being referred to as CDI (Clostridium Difficile Infection)
  2. new cases of more severe, antibiotic-resistant CDI are being seen in lower-risk populations
  3. animals may transmit CDI
  4. CDI's incubation period is not known and CDI can be contracted w/o prior abx
  5. nurses should advocate for decreased use of quinolones and abx in general
  6. PPIs and H2 blockers increase risk of CDI
  7. restricting Fluoroquinolones is the primary method of controlling CDI outbreaks
  8. asymptomatic carriers are a major transmission point for CDI outbreaks
  9. continue to wash hands thoroughly with warm water and soap
  10. bleach is the primary effective cleaning agent
  11. patients remain contaminated after symptoms end and should not be removed from isolation

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