What to do after graduation

Well, I don't think I can avoid any longer the choices that will have to be made when I graduate. There's a good possibility I may not graduate as I am scheduled to in May due to the fact that I have outstanding work due in Nur425 Community Health, but I probably will.

I'm looking forward to finally never having to consider b.s. college work again; to being able to make some money; to reading whatever I like; to getting back to karate and kendo; to working out and losing weight; to listening to more Bach; to starting on my conversion reading list; and mostly to the summer.

It's unfortunate that my grades haven't been maintained at the level they were at in pre-nursing cognate courses (4.0), or I could consider going on for a PhD in physiology, which I think is where my real heart lies--in academia, not the hospital. However, it's not a possibility for me, so I have to consider my options for graduation:
  1. work in my local PCU--this would be my #1 choice, but based on certain factors I have written about here before, I don't think it's a real option for me;
  2. try to get a job in a local med-surg unit for a year to build up enough hours to take the CCRN exam, then move on to a PCU or ICU in another locale;
  3. try to get a job in a telemetry or coronary care unit in another locale;
  4. join the navy;
  5. try to get a job overseas with a cool organization like the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative;
  6. not get a nursing job and work in some other field while writing a book on men's health.
Five would be a real change in life direction for me. GVFI has stations in Malaysia and other parts of SE Asia, and it would be great to live there for a while.
Four has a lot of appeal to me, although I am still skeptical about working as a male nurse in the military.
Three is professionally appealing, but the lifestyle, involving having to find a car (for the first time) as well as housing, etc., while fending off depression (again) is not appealing.

Some combination of two and six is the most likely option, I think, although I don't know that it would be a good idea to try to work on a book and the CCRN exam at the same time.

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